Welcome to the Site of the organic agricultour

The ORGANICagriculTOUR is a campaign to promote organic agriculture. It is a project of the Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences, University of Kassel, in Germany. Students and university staff members are visiting Agricultural Faculties in countries between Baltic Sea, Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea. Together with local students project modules about organic agriculture will be hosted.

We want to

  • spark more interest in organic agriculture and related topics
  • highlight development, structure and strategies of organic farming in Germany and in the European context
  • discuss – in cooperation with representatives of national organic associations and organic practitioners – potentials for organic agriculture in the host countries
  • set up and extend competence networks on organic agriculture
  • strengthen cooperation among universities and institutions
  • offer international study programs in organic agriculture, food business and consumer studies at our Faculty

A key factor for the success of the ORGANICagriculTOUR is the commitment of students in Witzenhausen.

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For the moment, as the current tours are taking place in germany,
this site is only avaiable in german.
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